Provider Training for Integrated talkEHR™ Video Telemedicine

How to use the Interactive talkEHR integrated Telemedicine Feature

If you are a provider that uses talkEHR as your electronic health record, you already have the Telemedicine production-ready feature available to you on your talkEHR portal. The Telemedicine feature enables you to have HIPAA secure video encounters with your patients through the talkEHR Electronic Health Record system. By watching this video, you will learn how to invite patients to the patient portal and Apps, schedule appointments, schedule, initiate and conduct Video Telemedicine sessions with your patients and much more. You can document and invoice your patient Telemedicine encounters for reimbursement, where applicable.   


  • The Dashboard
  • Inviting individual or all patients to the patient portal and Apps for iOS and Android 
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Initiating calls 
  • Documenting encounters
  • Claim Submissions for Reimbursement 
  • Settings
  • Direct Credit Card Payments

Additional questions? Contact talkEHR Telemedicine Support at, email:  or call: (732) 873-5133 x 106 

OR (844) 482-5563

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Telemedicine Provider Training Video 2019.1130