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Telehealth Coding and Billing Update 3/30/2020

Important changes in telehealth billing codes.


Coding and Billing Update 3/30/2020



Telehealth FAQs

The most commonly asked questions about Telehealth, coding and billing in one place.


Telehealth FAQs




Center for Connected Health Billing Guide

View or download the CCHPCA billing guide


CCHPCA  Billing Guide




Patient Flyer

Distribute this brochure to patients to stimulate patient adoption and usage of talkPHR Telehealth.


Patient talkPHR  Telehealth Flyer






CMS Telehealth Changes 

View/download the additional CMS COVID-19 revisions posted 3/30/2020.


CMS COVID-19 Revisions




CMS List of Telehealth Services

Billing Code List for Medicare Patients

From Centers for Medicare and Medicaid


CMS List of  Telehealth Services




Patient talkPHR Apps Guide

Patient user guide for talkPHR Telehealth apps. Step-by-step instructions on installation and use.


Patient talkPHR Apps User Guide




Provider Guide

View/download the provider user guide for Telehealth.


Provider Telehealth   User Guide



Need More Help?

Contact Telehealth Customer Support:

TelehealthRequests@MTBC.com  or 

(844) 482-5563

Billing Codes

Overview of the CPT and HCPCS Codes to use for submission of Telemedicine and Telehealth claims.


Telehealth Billing  Codes



American Medical Association Telehealth Playbook



AMA Telehealth Playbook 4/10/2020




Medicaid & Telemedicine 

Information on reimbursement for telemedicine under Medicaid regulations.


Medicaid & Telemedicine



Telehealth Coverage Policies in The Time of COVID-19 Fact Sheet 3/17/2020

Center for Connected Health Policy CCHPCA


CCHPCA 3/17/2020 Fact Sheet